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High School High School
Hutchinson High School is a public high school in Hutchinson, Minnesota, a community of approximately 14,000. We are located 55 miles west of Minneapolis, Minnesota. The high school includes grades 9-12 with an enrollment of 1050 students.

Middle School
Hutchinson Middle School is a nationally recognized Blue Ribbon School of Excellence that serves approximately 660 students in grades 6-8.    We provide excellent academic programs as well as a host of extracurricular activities for students.  These programs meet a wide range of student interests and ability levels.  We have  sound educational programs in reading, math, language arts, social studies, science, health and physical education complemented by a variety of exploratory classes for all students.

Middle School students and staff are organized into teaching teams known as blocks.  Each grade is split into an Alpha and Omega block.  These teams consist of six teachers representing all academic disciplines.  Teaching teams allow teachers to gain insight about individual student’s overall academic and behavioral performance so we can provide an environment in which students achieve their full potential.

Park Elementary
Park Elementary School serves approximately 870 students in grades 2 - 5.  We have a qualified, exceptional staff working together to provide consistent instruction while tailoring learning to individual needs.

Grade levels collaborate with specialists in music, physical education, media, computer, and art as well as Gifted/Talented, Special Education, and Title 1 to create a well-rounded program for all levels of learners.  Additionally, extended-day and extended-year classes are also offered.

West Elementary
We are a unique school that serves about 450 students in Preschool, Kindergarten and First grade.  We take great pride in knowing our children and their families.  West Elementary has a vision that focuses on a child-centered learning environment, academic excellence and preparation for life-long learning.  Respect for others is central to everything we do.  Our passion for quality education begins with an emphasis on reading literacy.  Our highly skilled, caring professionals are committed to assisting students in establishing a solid foundation.

West Elementary enjoys strong parent support and continues to seek ways to increase interaction between home and school.  We welcome your involvement in your child’s education and encourage you to visit our school.