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ISD 423 Foundation

donations payable to:
ISD 423 Foundation
PO Box 235
Hutchinson, MN 55350

Who We Are 

The Hutchinson ISD 423 School Foundation is a community initiated foundation that is organized as a designated fund of the Southwest Initiative Foundation, and a related fund of the Hutchinson Community Foundation.
In October of 2008, a group of community members gathered and created this foundation as a vehicle for donors to give money to the ISD 423 School District. The fund is not for profit and is designed to give money to fund various educational enhancements in perpetuity. The Foundation is an endowment fund, and on an annual basis approximately five percent of the fund’s earnings will be used to fund innovative and creative education programs in the Hutchinson Public Schools.
How to Contribute
Contributing is easy. Download the Giving Form. On the form. check "Other Restricted Funds," specify Hutchinson ISD 423 Foundation Endowment Fund and mail it to 15 3rd Ae NW, Hutchinson, MN 55350. You will receive acknowledgement and a receipt from the Southwest Initiative Foundation within a few days.
Contact Information
The current board members welcome your comments and questions. Please do not hesitate to contact any board member listed below.
Tim Ulrich, Chairman, 320-587-3184 or timu@cbhutch.com
Betty Nielsen, Treasurer, 320-587-2696 or nielsen.charles@mchsi.com
Lena Mowlem, Secretary, 320-234-6339 or mowlem@hutchtel.net
Chad Harlander, Board Member, 320-582-0775, chad.harlander@hutch.k12.mn.us 
Ralph Johnson, Board Member, 320-587-6733 or grjohn@mchsi.com
Thad Johnson, Board Member, 320-587-3444 or thad.a.johnson@gmail.com
Keith Kamrath, Board Member, 320-587-7993 or kkamrath@hutchtel.net
Daron VanderHeiden, Board Member, 320-587-0695 or daron.vanderheiden@hutch.k12.mn.us
Dan VanOverbeke, Ed.D., 330-687-4367 or dandjvo@hutchtel.net
Peggy Westlund, Board Member, 320-587-9898 or pxwest02@smumn.edu

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